A Journey Into the Supernatural warns us of the fascinating lure of occultism and opens our eyes to the titanic supernatural battle happening in our world right this moment. As a younger boy, Roger shows an unusual starvation for religious fact. However after his mom dies, Roger rejects God and faith. Years later, he is toughened from the horrors of World Conflict II and is seeking to make his mark. He is quickly invited right into a secret society of spirit worship. He learns he was particularly chosen by “the grasp” to obtain a particular therapy and is later invited to hitch the society completely. Morneau relates his dramatic expertise and deliverance from a secret world of deception: At three am, he cries out ” If there’s a God up there that cares for me, Assist me. ” Nobody had ever gotten out of this secret society alive. Right here is Roger Morneau’s personal story of divine rescue from the terrifying world of Satanism. (1997)


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