When his spouse Amelia suffers an aneurysm that leaves her bedridden and slowly dying, police officer Carter Summerland searches for a solution to revive her. He is approached by Wesley Enterprises about permitting Amelia to be the check topic for an experimental program that can place her thoughts in a brand new, synthetic physique – and out of desperation, Carter agrees. However is the consequence actually Amelia Summerland? Or is it one thing else solely? Set within the very close to future, The Summerland Challenge makes use of present, present expertise as a launchpad for a narrative about the place the road actually is between life and dying, and to ask the query: What’s is that makes us human?. It explores the motivations behind the staff that creates Amelia, from genius however standoffish Dr. Ellen Beckett to the sort but conceited industrialist Paul Wesley, who funds the work. It explores the fallout within the scientific, authorized and non secular neighborhood, with opposition to the venture spearheaded by the passionate Senator Williams. However …


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