In San Francisco, Zoe is a shy and outcast in her working place that adores the love songs she listens to the radio. Zoe goes to a bar together with her coworkers and she or he spends the night time speaking to a colleague that additionally like mushy songs. She drinks with him and when she goes to her automobile to take her mobile to name a taxi, a stalker forces her to drive away. A police officer sees the intruder in her automobile and asks her to cease the automobile. Nevertheless, the man forces Zoe to run over the policeman that’s hit and dies. Zoe has a automobile accident and the aggressor escapes. Neither the police nor her protection lawyer believes on her phrases and Zoe is arrested for murdering the policeman. She is confined at dwelling with an ankle bracelet below the surveillance of Daly, a lonely man that falls in love with Zoe. She tries to discover a technique to depart the spot to chase the legal and show her innocence. (2002)


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