Battle of Surabaya recounts to you the journey of Musa, a spontaneous, courageous, thirteen-year-old shoe shiner, who makes a residing below the stress of necessity or poverty within the period of World Battle II. Assembly with Musa, Yumna has turned her life right into a extra colourful journey. Captain Yoshimura hopes that the battle might be ended quickly. He misses his spouse and his daughter, Kioko, in Tokyo. Mr. Yoshimura helps Indonesia attain her freedom after which he can return to his nation. He has recognized Musa since he was a baby. He’s like Musa’s father. Though life just isn’t simple, Musa leads a life patiently. To Musa, life is a alternative. As a matter of reality, being a shoe shiner just isn’t dangerous; nonetheless, such a job much less results in what he’s struggling for, that’s to say: patriotic spirit and peace, each based mostly on divine values. Bodily he’s solely an adolescent; nonetheless, mentally he’s a hero. He makes up his thoughts of selecting a job as a courier. Right here, he isn’t a courier who merely delivers widespread letters, however the… (2015)


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