Maya, a movie star, a diva, has reached a private impasse in life. She has seen all of it achieved all of it however a black gap of vacancy engulfs her complete being. She tries to commit suicide however finally ends up alive and caught in an odd however lovely journey, which oscillates between actuality and fantasy. On this wonderland journey she meets completely different characters, who improve her outlook, give selection to her expertise and make this exterior exploration journey a journey of self-discovery. First she meets a residing man who believes he’s lifeless attributable to affected by Cotard delusion, then a spiritual man who is bound in regards to the superiority of his means, and an outlaw claiming to know the true reality. With the residing man claiming to be lifeless she experiences a spectrum of beforehand unknown feelings and emotions. She places her existence on stake to make this man alive once more and uncover new horizons. (2016)


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