In 2006, Northern Eire’s bloody Troubles had dragged on for many years. Now with the rising menace of a brand new era impressed by the 9/11 assaults to escalate the battle to new ranges of destruction, each the Catholic Republican and the Protestant Unionist sides are lastly persuaded to noticeably discover a peace settlement at UK Prime Minister Tony Blair’s urging. Sadly, the precept negotiators, firebrand Democratic Unionist Occasion chief Ian Paisley and Sinn Fein politician Martin McGuinness, are decades-long implacable enemies. Nonetheless with talks about to start out, Paisley has his marriage ceremony anniversary that he’s decided to attend at house, and McGuinness decides he should accompany his enemy to forestall him from being persuaded to desert this opportunity for peace. With the Prime Minister and his MI-5 employees nervously watching from secret cameras, the 2 foes undertake a journey collectively by which they bridge the seemingly unbridgeable and alter the course of historical past.


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